SHANGHAI, China-- Eleven University of Texas at Austin students wake-up around 7 a.m., grab a quick breakfast, put on business casual clothing and head to the nearest metro as they set on a journey through the streets of Shanghai, China. I found myself amongst the select eleven students heading off to intern at one of China’s top-tier companies. This past summer I worked 40 hours per week and gained hands-on experience in the journalism field with That’s Shanghai Magazine.

As a sophomore in college, I decided early on that it was important to intern abroad and to gain a global perspective in the workplace. In order to standout from my competitors, I applied to UT’s Global Edge Program and was accepted! I challenged myself by interning in a country where the majority of people don’t speak English, where the cultural norms are different and where I would have to learn to adapt to my surroundings. To say the least, interning abroad is a time to find yourself, become more independent and to learn about your career field through a different perspective.



As an intern with That’s Shanghai Magazine, I wrote content about local and national news occurring in China. I had articles published online daily and had a review of mine published in the print edition of the magazine. My internship was an amazing opportunity to expand my network and obtain professional experience that coincide with my interests.

Though we were in China to focus on our internship and establish ourselves professionally, we also had the chance to travel throughout China and have incredible experiences. I traveled to Beijing and Zhangjijajie, China during my free time. Both trips were remarkable in their own way. I am truly grateful for the memories I made in China, the people I met and the growth I experienced within myself. So take a chance during your time in college and study or intern abroad. The memories will last forever, the experience is breathtaking and the friends you make along the way will always have a place in your heart.