Name: Oscar Gonzalez

Classification: Junior

Graduation Date: May 2017

Major: Public Health

Cohort Leader: Marcus Johnson

Years as Gateway Mentor: This is my third year mentoring

Favorite Quote: "Even if you fall flat on your face, you’re still moving forward." -Victor Kiam

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love adventures and traveling! If I can, I am always willing to stop what I am doing and start exploring. I feel like you learn a lot about your surroundings, other people, and life in general that way. I have been to 11 countries after coming to UT and I hope I get to continue traveling!

 What advice would you give freshmen that you wish you knew when you were one?

Join anything you want your first or second semester and then start seeing what organizations/programs you actually like. It is always easier to join these things your first year and then stick with the ones you like the most as you get older. If you did not like ny of them, you still have 3 more years to join something else and now you will have some experience.

What is your passion?  

I absolutely love helping people whenever I can! That is why I hope to someday go into the medical field. That is also why I enjoy my role every day as a Gateway Scholars Mentor and a College of Natural Sciences Ambassador. I came in to UT as a first generation student and I was probably the most confused freshman on campus. I did not know what a class would look like, how talking to a professor would be, or what to do when you meet with your adviser. I hope nobody feels as lost as I did my first year and if they do, I hope I get the chance to offer all the help I can. 


What is your favorite memory at UT and why?

I remember I signed up to participate in the change Institute through the dean of students during my sophomore year and I ran into a friend I met in high school through a program I participated in in South Africa. I could not believe that 3 years later, we somehow both ended up in the same room at UT when she was from South Africa and I was from Houston.

Where is your favorite place in Austin?

I think anyone who knows me definitely knows that this would be Mount Bonnel for the views and Halal Bros for the food!

What do you want to do? What is your plan for the future?

I recently got into the public health major here at UT and I hope to one day go to medical school. I may look into applying to a master's program for public health after graduating.